Inspired by the return of Mad Men for its final seven episodes, we present today for your consideration a reel of vintage TV spots for Burger Chef – the real-life fast food chain that, in the recent “season premiere” episode, became a client of imaginary ad shop Sterling Cooper Partners.

The diverse collection of ads here spans several decades and genres. Personally, we like the first one – featuring animation of Dik Keane’s Family Circus comic strip characters – best of all.

What’s also interesting, and gratifying for those of us who cheer for showrunner Matt Weiner’s legendary obsession with accuracy, is the observation that “Family Supper at Burger Chef,” the campaign that Peggy pitched is totally on target with the strategy that the chain actually used at the time. The copy lines have been changed to protect the innocent, but otherwise Burger Chef pursued a family-centric strategy for most of the period.

Taken together, these ads trace the story of a chain that lost its way and was ultimately acquired and subsumed (by Hardee’s).

Maybe they should have stuck with Don and Peggy.