Can more sex save Denmark?  Maybe so!

Before we get into the steamy details, here’s some serious background: The developed world is aging at an alarming pace, and soon there won’t be enough young people working to generate the capital that will be needed to take care of the ever-increasing number of aging people.

The reason is simple: we’re just not making enough babies.  Not only here in the US, but in Europe, China, Russia and, most alarmingly, Japan.  According to a United Nations demographic report cited in a recent Times article( ) by 2050 the ratio of people in the US over 65 to those 20-64 will nearly double from approximately 20:100 to nearly 40:100.  In Europe the ratio will climb from about 30:100 to nearly 50:100…and in Japan, where sales of adult diapers are about to eclipse sales of infant diapers, the ratio will grow from 40:100 to nearly 80:100.

This is not a sustainable path…especially as life expectancy and health care costs continue to increase.  Macro-economists and demographers have been sounding this alarm for nearly a decade.  Now, it seems the developed world has heard the call.  The global economic repercussions of this trend are truly world altering, and not in a good way.  Something needs to be done…and soon.

Enter Denmark, where sex is back and making babies is good…even patriotic.  According to research, Danes have 46% more sex on vacation. That’s why the new “Do It for Denmark” ad campaign from the Danish travel division of Thomas Cook entreats young Danish couples to visit the capitals of Europe, check into swanky hotels and come home pregnant.

Denmark wants to see this campaign lead to a much-needed baby boom. At BoomAgers, we’re seeing the new sexual evolution as leading to still further realization that global aging is not just a statistic, it’s a pervasive dynamic. We can deal with this phenomenon in one of two ways: we can act now, or we can wait to react later. My advice? Do it now, because if you wait, you may end up with a headache.