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After 12 years of a self-imposed time-out, Peter Hubbell is back at Cannes. Something dramatic had happened to lure him back, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Here’s what he likes about what he sees now, as well as what he hopes for:


Creativity has created incrementality

The zero-sum game of swapping creative reputations at Cannes has given way to creative growth. This progress has been fueled by an ideological revolution that has created the space needed for creative expansion.

Marketing has extended its reach

The proliferation of technology and the expansion of connectivity has dramatically increased the number of people who can be influenced by creativity. At the same time, marketers have also increased the potential of marketing by raising the creative bar.

More work is being done on purpose

As the person who once wondered if marketing would ever do its part to make the world a better place, I’m encouraged that we’re now doing more work that’s advancing the real purpose of our brands.


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