Mark Bradbury’s excellent piece on HuffingtonPost 50 this past Friday about why Super Bowl advertisers can’t ignore Boomers should resonate with more blue-chip marketers. (Full Disclosure: Mark asked me to contribute some thoughts, and I am quoted in his post.)

Bradbury — who heads up Insights and Integrated Marketing for AARP’s media arm — makes just about the best, most cogent argument I’ve heard lately for why nearly all the big brands that advertise during the Super Bowl need to take a serious look at their creative strategies to engage viewers 50+.

I’m talking about the Baby Boomers — marketing’s Most Valuable Generation and the generation that made the Super Bowl “super” in the first place.

On Sunday, February 2 — weather permitting — 110 million global consumers will watch Super Bowl XLVIII live.  Tens of millions more will view the ads, teasers and extended video content digitally…both before and especially after the game.  (Perhaps predictably, online video viewing spikes significantly during the 24-hour period after the Super Bowl.)  At about $4 million for a 30-second spot – not including creative and production — advertisers are more motivated than ever to squeeze as much “value” out of their investment as possible.

For some brands that will mean endless streaming on YouTube, liking on Facebook, Tweeting, etc.  Perhaps this year a few others will opt for a more age-agnostic creative approach and serve up some timeless advertising that is neither “Millennial” nor “Boomer”…just great and memorable.  Isn’t that what advertising’s greatest stage deserves?