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BoomAgers is a modern creative services company purpose-built to help clients capture the full value of the massive but under-leveraged Boomer market. 

We are Boomers. We believe that there is joy in aging and we have the passion to express human truths in a way that makes brands irresistible. We are Boomers dedicated to Boomers. We are the new B2B.




Innovation is not frantic change. It’s what you do to solve your hardest problems. Today’s hardest problem is generating fast growth in a sluggish market.

Fast growth is created by doing business where no one else is, or doing business in a different way. Targeting the under-leveraged  older consumer accomplishes both. Clients solve their hardest problems by applying their best expertise. We are the Boomer experts. We are your opportunity.





The secret to success is knowing the secrets. As Boomers, our team has accumulated years of invaluable experience in top roles at top agencies. We’ve been there, done that. We know where the creative bullseye is and we get right to the point.

We are practical pioneers, motivated by our dissatisfaction with the traditional way things are done at the typical agency. We know the right priorities. We put the consumer first because the consumer is the one who buys the client’s product.

We also believe that parity work doesn't work. That’s why we work differently which begins by hiring and inspiring the right creative minds. Our clients don’t get the talent we have, we get them the talent they need to create the work they need.


Peter Hubbell is the Founder and CEO of BoomAgers, an industry-leading advertising agency dedicated to the Baby Boomer generation and global aging. He was recently named a 2014 Global Agency Innovator by The Internationalist Magazine as a result of the groundbreaking work that BoomAgers has done with some of the world’s leading marketers. He is a widely sought after marketing expert, author, speaker and regular contributor to The Huffington PostMedia Post and Broadcasting & Cable among others.

Peter believes that aging is the most powerful global trend in the new age of marketing, and he has purpose-built an advertising agency dedicated to creating world class marketing programs inspired by deep insight into the values of aging consumers. 

Established in 2012, BoomAgers has grown exponentially as a direct result of its highly specialized and differentiated offering at a time when marketers are demanding true consumer expertise.  BoomAgers enables established global brands and emerging enterprises to capture the full value of the massive, but under-leveraged, aging marketplace.

Peter’s first book: The Old Rush: Marketing for Gold in The Age of Aging (2014, LID Publishing) has quickly become an invaluable primer for marketers that want to understand the impact of aging on the Boomer generation.  He knows that Boomers still spend three times as much as Millennials on consumer products, and they respond to marketing messages and strategies that treat them with respect, authenticity and in ways that resonate with the values of their generation; not as a demographic segment that’s nearing the end of their life as relevant consumers.

Peter brings more than 30 years’ experience as a top ad agency executive to BoomAgers. He honed his marketing acumen and business skills as a long-standing partner with many “blue-chip” marketers including Procter & Gamble, General Mills and Pillsbury.

Peter is a Baby Boomer and is proud to be part of a generation whose values are associated with optimism, exploration and achievement. He also admits that he’s growing older, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. As he is fond of saying: “We live in the Age of Aging, and no other trend in the modern world will have such a powerful impact on societies, economies and cultures.”


Board of Advisors

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Tim Love

Peter B. Robinson

Cindy P. Tripp

Mark Patricof

James M. McGuire

Brendan Banahan

Tim Love is former Vice-Chairman of Omnicom Group, a leading global advertising and marketing services company. He retired in April 2013 as CEO of the Asia Pacific, India, Middle East and Africa regions.

Throughout Tim’s 42-year career in the advertising industry he helped clients and the industry be more globally sensitive, collaborative and effective.  His exceptional brand-building credentials came on some of the world’s largest and most successful brands:  like P&G, Nissan and Infiniti automobiles, PepsiCo, Unilever, Gillette, Mars, UBS, Kraft, Philips and Johnson & Johnson. An industry forerunner in international branding, he lived in Tokyo, Singapore, Brussels and New York obtaining first-hand experience with consumers and brands in 68 countries and has experience overseeing brands in over 138 countries..

An active leader in the international advertising community, Tim serves on several boards and advisories including The Advertising Council, the Heart of America Foundation, the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), the Institute for Advertising Ethics at the University of Missouri and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati.  

Peter is among the most respected and successful global marketing executives in the industry. He is currently a Director of Lumber Liquidators and First Niagara Bank and, until retiring in 2010, was EVP of Burger King, Inc., responsible for its global marketing and strategy. Before that Peter was President of Burger King in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  Prior to Burger King, he was President of Pillsbury USA, and SVP at General Mills, Inc. Earlier career stops include positions of increasing responsibility at Pillsbury, PepsiCo, Kraft General Foods and P&G.

Cindy is a consultant and leader at the forefront of the marketing and innovation business integrating the empathy of design with the practicalities of business in a way that delivers results. In addition to establishing the practices of Design Thinking and Communications Planning at P&G, she is also a sought after expert and speaker offering insights and expertise on design and innovation for the Design Management Institute, Product Development Management Association and FUSE, among others. Cindy is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati’s School of Business and has lectured at many top business schools and universities.

Mark is a digital media pioneer and highly successful serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and managing partner of MESA Global, a merchant bank and strategic advisory firm specializing in media and entertainment. Mark also manages the seed fund, MESA+, which invests alongside top-tier VCs in early-stage digital media companies. Before starting MESA, Mark was founder and CEO of <kpe>, a first generation digital media company working with major media and consumer brands to create new-to the-world digital content.

Jim is currently a Partner at the international law firm, Dechert LLP. His practice is focused on complex litigation including business disputes, white collar and securities litigation and regulatory issues. Prior to Dechert, he was an Associate Justice in NY State’s Appellate Division and before that Justice in the 11th District of the State Supreme Court. Jim also served as Chief Counsel to Governor George Pataki advising on legislation, litigation and legal issues and supervising drafting of all legislation proposed by the Executive.

Brendan is a highly regarded Sales and Marketing executive with deep experience across multiple categories including CPG, Media and Financial Services. Over the course of his career, Brendan has worked with many “blue-chip” companies including Procter & Gamble, Time Inc., Martha Stewart Living and Wells Fargo. He is proud to be a Baby Boomer and has honed his considerable consumer expertise in some of the most dynamic marketing environments of his generation.